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Missy and Milo

Missy and Milo Can You Help?

Missy and Milo- Missing from Stone Crossing Kent

Dog Name: Missy and Milo
Owner: Jessica
Location: Stone crossing kent
Telephone: 07426571557
Information: Here are my two baby's missy and milo. Missy is the Staffordshire bull terrier and milo is the jack russell cross. I have had both off these dogs since thay was young pups. And thay never left my side took them every were with me. Thay mean the world to me. And then my worst nightmare came I got with a boy who I thought I could trust as I was with him for a long time. He was very controlling and manipulative. I never thought he would do anything like this. I went away for abit and let him look after my dogs as he agreed to. Then the next thing you no he rang me saying he dumped my dogs in a park *greenhithe park in stone crossing da9* it broke my heart. Why would someone who meant to love you doo that. I guess he was trying to get his control in. I put posters around the area train station everywhere, rang kennels,sent emails, no one has seem them. Please can you help me find them. Thay have been missing since the middle of February. Thay are both very friendly dogs. None off them are chipped or have been done. Thay both had there collers on milo *jack Russel cross had a black glitter One on* missy * Staffordshire bull terrier had a brown one on with silver studs* please help me find them both. I'm soo worried. Just need to no there safe. And if thay were sold on to someone. Just need my dogs back with me thankyou for taking your time to read. Please share. And hopefully I will get them back were thay belong 

If you have any information about this dog, please get in touch, post to your own Facebook wall, tell your friends. It is amazing how quickly word can spread. Our contact telephone number is 07716603403.

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