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Lola Can You Help?

Lola- Missing from Milton Dog Park

Dog Name: Lola
Owner: Tammy Smith
Location: from milton dog park .She lives in Whitby
Telephone: 289 755 3727
I have a long story to tell.I had a 6yr old doberman Pinscher
Unfortunately due to my health reasons and me moving to an apartment I put
an ad on Kijijii .I met with a few possible people that could of been lolas new home.
Due to several reasons why lola didn't work out I brought her back home.
Then I met this woman through a friend of mine on social media. She was working in Toronto
and asked me to meet her half way in a dog park in milton on june 29th so I did.
My friend Patti had a phone conversation with her as she owns 2 dogs as well.Then
she called me and I spoke with her. I told her to take lola for a couple of days to see how
it works out. That I would see her at her house on the weekend. I called her and she says she
is going away to her cottage for the weekend. I got very upset at this time. Left text messages
that I wanted lola back. She refused So at this point I only had her first name and cell number.
Through my PI searching I located where she lives and works. I started playing nice with her
just to see if she would show up with lola. That didnt work. So last night I told her that I was
going to show up with my biker friends at her house well that is when she got on the defense side
and sent me a txt message saying that I was threatening her and gonna charge me with harassment,
Stating that her brother is a lawyer and her brother in law is a cop. So a regional durham police
officer left me a message on my phone stating that I should call him back at this number.
I have not returned call.

If you have any information about this dog, please get in touch, post to your own Facebook wall, tell your friends. It is amazing how quickly word can spread. Our contact telephone number is 07716603403.

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