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Heidi Can You Help?

Heidi-  Missing from tanycoed groeslon caernarfon gwynedd ll547eg

Dog Name: Heidi bumble
Owner: richard malcolm owen
Location: tanycoed groeslon caernarfon gwynedd ll547eg
Telephone: 07711913035
Information: Heidi was stolen from my home on mothers day
She is an evenly marked old English sheepdog
and has a grey back and side. She has a grey tail and a distinctive broken blue/white wall eye.
Shes very friendly but nervous dog
She is microchipped

If you have any information about this dog, please get in touch, post to your own Facebook wall, tell your friends. It is amazing how quickly word can spread. Our contact telephone number is 07716603403.

The UK's National Lost Pet Microchip database and Lost Pet & Found Pet Reunification service. We are here to help stem the rising tide of dog theft and rural crime in the Thames Valley area. With thanks to Dogs Trust for their support. The UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. DTA is pleased to support Pet Theft Awareness, a campaign which highlights the danger faced by owners of all pets and horses. Please support them! With thanks to Our Dogs for their support.