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Quincy was stolen on Saturday the 2nd of April 2016 at approx 11am in a targeted attack, one of 4 dogs taken. Kira and Dulce also a Spitz and Primrose a cocker Spaniel have thankfully been recovered.

Quincy is still missing. 

Carly Quincy's owner who owns a private boarding kennels explains just how devastating the theft of her family members has been..

Quincy was stolen with two other dogs from our private gardens on a Saturday morning, thieves scrambled through undergrowth and barbed wire breaking through the perimeter fence taking the dogs who were out in their secure run. Staff and family were on premises at the time in a different area, as soon as the theft was discovered the police were informed and also the microchip company together with dog wardens and a social media campaign was launched.

As a direct result of social media we were given leads by witnesses who had sighted Dulcie and Primrose, the first one being, both dogs had been spotted being taken from a house in Oxford in a white car,  when the police arrived over  an hour later they had disappeared.

The second lead led to the recovery of Kira who had been spotted in a motor home on a retail park, the police were immediately notified and we met them at the retail park and were able to take Kira home. The owner of the motor home, was arrested and bailed to appear in court on 12th May 2016, she failed to appear and the police do not have any active lines of investigation at the moment.
The following day, we had a call from the Nuneaton dog warden who informed us that Dulce and Primrose had been abandoned outside Pets at Home in Nuneaton and were being held waiting for collection at a kennels in Bedworth. I drove up as soon as I got the call and bought them home. The social media campaign had made them too hot to handle.
Quincy is still missing...

looking back over the days prior to our dogs being stolen, we searched CCTV of our kennels, an incident stood out to us, the Wednesday before the dogs were stolen two lads had come into our reception, they asked lots of questions about Japanese Spitz, asked if we had pups and how much. We suspected they were "trouble" as they wanted to buy a tin of dog food with a £50, they were told we couldn't give change and they left. Thankfully we have clear CCTV photos and were able to save images and post them on Facebook to try and find out their identities. We had countless calls about the boys from members of the public who recognised the lads as travellers from Oxford. We spent the day Sunday giving a statement to the police, answering calls from the public and putting up posters both locally and further afield in Oxford.
Since the girls were found we have not had anything certain to go on regarding Quincy. Potential sightings in Brackley and Nuneaton have been investigated by both ourselves and the police, unfortunately we have come to a dead-end. 

The last 8 weeks has been so painful for my mum, myself and our family and friends. Every day we do anything and everything we can to find Quincy and have driven all over the UK following leads and ideas about where he might be. We have contacted thousands of vets and animal shelters all over the country and spoken to many dog wardens and traveller liaison officers asking people to be vigilant and look out for him.

We will never stop searching for Quincy and the worry is unbearable. Although we try not to think the worst we are afraid he was stolen to be used as a stud dog and may now be in a puppy farm or has been shipped out of the U.K to Ireland.

We are thankful that we got the girls home safe and they didn't spend the rest of their lives as breeding bitches but this does not make it any easier to deal with the fact Quincy is still missing. We just hope everyday that wherever he is that he is happy, cared for and safe and hope more than anything that this has been an awful mistake and we will have him home really soon.

If you recognise Quincy as being new to your area, please call.. All information given is confidential and a large reward is available leading to Quincy's safe return

If you have any information you may think is relevant about Quincy please do not hesitate to contact us confidentially.

Quincy is a Japanese Spitz and is 2years old, he was stolen from Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 but could be anywhere on Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Call 01367 358 572 in confidence. 


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