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Pippa & Jules Stolen

Wonderful news! Pippa was reunited the day after this article was published.. Jules is still missing. 


Pippa and Jules were two of 6 dogs stolen from their dog walkers van around 12.50pm on 18th August 2016 in the Kemble Road area of Forrest Hill. SE23


Pippa and Jules were two of 6 dogs stolen from their dog walkers van around 12.50pm on 18th August 2016 in the Kemble Road area of Forrest Hill. SE23. by 2 white males in their early 20's. They were last seen being walked down Sylvan Road SE19.

The same evening one of the dogs was handed in to a pet shop in Bromley and a second dog handed in to a vets on Lordship Lane on the Friday morning. Pia and Erol were found by a woman who saw a black car (possibly a Ford Focus) pull over and let 2 Pugs out. Pia and Erol were handed in to a vets by her neighbour in New Addington near Croydon on Monday 22nd August.

Two dogs still remain missing. Pippa is a Pug who belongs to Hannah and Jules the Jug belonging to Gordon and Lisa Lindsay.





Hannah, a truly remarkable young woman explains just how much she misses Pippa, who has seen her through two surgical removals of brain tumours and subsequent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, her dogs being her rock aiding her recovery.

Within hours of my dogs being stolen, we set up a relentless campaign to get them home, thankfully Erol , one of my two pugs were recovered from Addington on Monday, he along with Pia had been dumped out of a car, and whilst of course im overjoyed to have him home, I will not give up my search until Pippa and Jules are home. 

Pippa is a Pug, she too has been through the mill just like Hannah, and has visible scarring on her front left leg where she has had 2 tumours her knee pad is now on the side of her leg , a very distinctive girl who has to be watched carefully incase the tumors return a nervous girl she habitually licks her nose when anxious.

Jules who is a pug x jackrussel her owners Gordon & Lisa are desperate for her return. Jules has a longer snout than a Pug and is still quite small in size, she does however have the curly tail of a Pug!

with a distinctive white stripe on her chest and two white front paws a little more on her left foot than her right.

There is a reward offered for the safe return of Pippa and Jules if you have any information no matter how small please do get in touch in confidence.

Contact : or telephone 07971 408412

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