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Missing without a trace

PIA, ORA, RUFUS & LUNA are 4 spanish rescue dogs that went missing in late 2013 from the Glasgow area... we are still searching for them. 

PIA, ORA, RUFUS & LUNA have been missing from the GLASGOW area (G42) since late 2013. Rescued as puppies from Spain; and adopted over a period of months at the beginning of 2013 by a family in Glasgow. The family whom adopted the pups, the rescue believed after all usual checks, to be responsible animal lovers who wanted to provide a wonderful life for these dogs that had had such a poor start in life... Unfortunately, this proved to be far from the truth. Upon first adoption, all appeared well with the family and pups, updates had been frequent and the contact between both parties was continual. This was to change in May 2014. Contact from the adopters ceased; the family who adopted the pups no longer had them we now believe from October 2013. They have refused to give any information or cooperate and have been hostile to all requests made by the rescue, who desperately want to know that the puppies who will now be 3 years old are all safe and in loving homes.

The past two years has been taken up with searching for Pia, Ora, Rufus & Luna, with only one possible sighting of a man with a dog like Pia (a Spanish Podenca) in Shetland last year the dogs appear to have disappeared without a trace... there have been no further leads to any of the dogs. Having rescued the pups from dreadful conditions in Spain the rescue desperately need to find them to know they are safe and well cared for. This is not about removing the dogs if they are in safe and loving homes, There is a £2,500 reward for information leading us to them (in the strictest of confidence) and the names of the people who now have them will not be made public.





Please contact Anne Benferri on facebook or email or call 07813 743 727 if you think you may be able to help in any way. Please be assured... We truly hope all of the dogs are happy and cared for in loving homes. The dogs will NOT be removed from anyone who has given them a good home as that would not be fair to those families, nor would it be fair to the dogs after such a long time... we just need to know that they are all safe... We need answers and we will not give up until we have them.

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