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Dana Missing

Dana, pronounced Dayna is a beautiful crossbreed who was rescued from Serbia's Forgotten Paws rescue in February 2016. Believed to be a Jack Russell/Whippet mix, she is 2 1/2 years old and approximately 19inches in height and tan and white in colour.

Here Michele Rodriguez tells Dog theft Action the circumstances around Danas disappearance and why they have decided to postpone their wedding until Dana is home.





Dana spent the first years of her life as a street dog in Serbia, her second year under the safe care of Serbia's Forgotten Paws Rescue begore joining our family in February 2016.

She had such a tough time prior to settling into family life in Chalgrove, Oxon (OX44) but you would never have known it, once she got to know you and overcome her shyness she was the sweetest, loving and good natured dog you could wish to meet.

She settled so well with us, bonding with both myself, partner Paul and our other dog Freddy, by the end of the first week they were firm friends and enjoyed play fighting!  Dana liked nothing better than running around the local fields and parks in the area, which she became to know very well.. often leading the way home!

On 18th June 2016, the day that Dana went missing, she was visiting family in Langley with Paul, she had been to see Pauls parents previously but this day she was staying over.

Whilst in the garden with Freddy we believe something must have spooked her, and she slipped under a small gap in the garden gate.  As soon as Paul’s father realised what had happened, he got in his car to look for her and saw her running along Mead Avenue. She was so quick that by the time he got out of his car, she had already disappeared.


Since Danas disappearance, there have been several sightings that we do believe are her, one of her in Langley near the canal, the Nisa shop on Willoughby Road, at the Chestnuts pub on St Mary’s Road and Langley Memorial park. In Iver, there have been a couple of sightings, one possibly on Love Lane, and others on the High Street and Grange Way/Dutton Way, on the High Street near the shops in Eton Wick and then back near St Mary's Road, Langley heading towards Middle Green, on July 11th. The final spate of sighting were Wednesday, 20th July on the Langley Road, Langley, Thursday, 21st July behind the Harrow Market in Langley and Friday, the final sighting came on July 22nd on the canal between the Mansion Lane and Railway station bridges in Langley... there has been nothing since. 

Media campaign

Despite postering the area, a large media campaign and contacting all authorities, Dana just seems to have disappeared! This leads us to believe that Dana has been taken in, that she is being cared for by somebody that doesn't realise that she is missing. .. Or it may be that she has wandered outside these areas so people are not aware that she is missing. Dana even has her own FaceBook page.. GetDanaHome

We have featured in our local paper to highlight Dana's disappearance, we just feel like we cannot continue with our normal lives until she is home, and we have even postponed our wedding, all our energies need to focus on Dana.

On 9th October I will be running the Oxford half marathon, both to raise awareness of Dana, and also to raise much needed funds for the Serbia's Forgotten Paws rescue who have offered us so much support from adoption and continue to do so in our search to bring her home. you can offer support here

We are asking people now if they have noticed a dog in the last 10 weeks in any of the places she has been spotted previously or any surrounding areas, a dog that is new to the area, resembling Dana, perhaps being walked by someone or living locally.. we need to find Dana and bring her home. she is so missed.

Contact us in Confidence  07778 511453 or 07798 770860 or visit Danas facebook page Get Dana Home 


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