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The USA has the same problem too!

It may be no suprise to know that over in the USA they also have an issue with pet theft.. 

Here Amber Kingsley tells Dog Theft Action of the growing problems




Smart & Surprising Online Find For Owners of a Lost Pet In The US


As any parent knows, losing a child, even if they’re only out of our direct line of sight for a brief moment is heart wrenching and devastating. Those of us with four-legged kids also suffer the same type of torment and fear when our pets go missing, become lost or stolen.

Losing any member of the family is overwhelming and a lost pet can cause misery that seems to never end. Even if you were vigilant in having your dog properly identified and microchipped, getting them back once they’ve become lost or stolen, can still be extremely difficult.

But don’t give up, and while you may be using the internet to locate your beloved buddy, there’s another unusual online avenue to explore other than utilizing places like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when it comes to reaching out on the world wide web.



Dog Flipping


Over in the United States, there’s a growing practice being called “dog flipping,” where unscrupulous people are either finding or stealing dogs and then selling or “flipping” them online for a profit. In one case, owners of a little pooch who escaped their back yard, received a phone message that their precious pet may have been found. When they returned the call, the person on the line denied any knowledge of a missing animal.


Dying For A Sale


The owners were suspicious and a few days later, they found what appeared to be their little dog, a Yorkie named Sushi, for sale on Craigslist, a popular online sales forum. At first they didn’t believe it was their canine since it was a different colour, but apparently, the sellers had dyed the dog’s coat a darker shade to deepen the deception and help to cover their tracks.


Sales and Deceit


According to the masters of the little mutt, when they initially attempted to respond to the post, they got no response, but they didn’t give up there. A few weeks later, a new ad was posted online and they set up a meeting to hopefully be reunited with Sushi.


Parking Lot Purchase


The meeting took place in a parking lot and the owner happily paid $50 for the dog, still unsure if it was actually theirs, but the reluctant master made the purchase anyway. Sushi’s owner shared, “Fifty dollars, and for me, it was priceless, I figured even if it wasn’t Sushi, it was somebody’s dog that we could save and try to return.”


Getting The Proof


A scan from a microchip reader later confirmed that the dog was, in fact Sushi. It wasn’t long before the loveable little canine was playing with its friends and family. There’s plenty of valuable lessons to be learned from Sushi’s disappearance and eventual return. The first is to have your pet microchipped to prove ownership and help you to locate your animal.




Keeping The Faith


Second, don’t give up on your search, if a few weeks or even several months have passed, keep looking. And don’t be afraid to check other places besides animal shelters and traditional avenues of locating a missing pet. Monitor sites like Craigslist and other online sales venues that could be trying to make some quick pounds off your pet.


Be On The Off-Fence


Finally, be on the offence when it comes to keeping your pet safely contained. According to Sushi’s owner, the little dog most likely escaped through a hole in their backyard fence. Be sure to regularly check areas around your flat, garden or any other places your pet is often confined and look for possible escape routes. If they don’t go missing in the first place, you won’t have to go looking for them later. 

The UK's National Lost Pet Microchip database and Lost Pet & Found Pet Reunification service. We are here to help stem the rising tide of dog theft and rural crime in the Thames Valley area. With thanks to Dogs Trust for their support. The UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. DTA is pleased to support Pet Theft Awareness, a campaign which highlights the danger faced by owners of all pets and horses. Please support them! With thanks to Our Dogs for their support.